Magic in a cup

Cost: approx £1.50

So many of my friends will know I am a green tea obsessive. There are SO many reasons why this drink is loved by health freaks and dieters – it is MAGICAL.

Right so not magic but as close as a cup of tea is going to get; this post will outline the main reasons as to why, if you haven’t tried it, you should grab a box of (cheap) green teabags next time you go shopping.

1) Weight loss
Green tea is well-known for boosting your metabolism which, in turn, burns fat quicker. From personal experience I have definitely noticed that, when drinking 2+ cups a day along with a normal diet, I have become a little trimmer! I’ve heard 3 cups a day is the ideal amount if you want to start shedding pounds – and along with a healthy diet and exercise (gotta chuck that in there) you will definitely notice a difference.

2) Complexion
There are several ways that green tea can help your complexion: it reduces spots, redness (see Green Tea Face Mask for more ideas) and has muchos antioxidants that flush out rubbishy bits from your skin. Also, if you suffer from psoriasis like I and many others do, it can help with that too! (I’ve noticed a significant reduction in redness and general appearance of symptoms.)

3) Digestion
Linked with weight loss, green tea boosts your digestive system and I think it has some natural fibre in so it can help if you ever feel bloated etc.

4) Stress
Green tea contains amino acids which apparently are REALLY GOOD. For everything. Including…stress! When you don’t have enough of them you can go a bit anxious and grumbly, so adding in a cuppa can boost the acids back up, relieving the anxiety and making it easier to relax.

Now I’m sure there are some more magical benefits of this amazing drink. But you must be thinking, there’s surely a downside…well, a lot of people think it tastes quite bitter. My advice is this: add in a squeeze of lemon juice (or lime, even – bottled is fine) and it reduces the bitterness, making it nice and zingy. Or, if you like ginger, add in some of that! That has the added benefit of thinning out the blood (sounds gross but its kind of important for many people). If you like neither of these then you can buy many different flavours of green tea. My favourite is the Tetley’s Green Tea and Lemon but here are some alternatives:

Pear and Apple


Now i’ve stopped going on about how good it is, you should try some. Enjoy 🙂

N.B. Green tea contains a small amount of caffeine – about a 1/3 of coffee or normal tea. It may make you slightly alert but I’ve never noticed it keeping me from sleeping!


4 responses to “Magic in a cup

    • Thanks very much! It is a wonderous natural ingredient 🙂 I think it might also be good for puffy eyes – a lot like cucumber.

      re: the bath idea, that sounds like a strangely good idea! Any noticeable benefits? x

      • Well I used it because I had a cold so I thought what better than drinking it……..bathing in it haha! My skin felt smooth after it and it helped the head cold 🙂

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