Baking soda bathtime

Cost: approx 60p (for a few baths)

When you get one of those christmas presents with all the bathbombs in that smell like synthetic lemons, they’re actually just baking soda with other weird chemicals in. So having used all of these unimaginative gifts up in the first few months of the year, I was thinking of an alternative.

One thing I noticed after using bathbombs was that my skin was mega soft. So putting two and two together, the idea came: just stick some baking soda in the bath Anna, you silly woman.

So I did just that – heap a tablespoon or however much you want into the running water and not only do you get nice bubbles but your skin is lovely and soft. And you wont smell like cheap toiletries after 😀

Also, baking soda has anti fungal properties so if you do a lot of exercise or get quite sweaty regularly (don’t want to know) then this is great for you as it will prevent things like Athlete’s foot, nail problems etc etc.


N.B. Baking soda is also known as bicarbonate of soda!


6 responses to “Baking soda bathtime

  1. Thanks for this post lovely! I’ve used baking soda for a fungal-fighting face mask before, but *derp!* I had never thought to use it in the bath! I’m definitely trying this today ❤

  2. I have approx. 5 bath bombs sitting in my bathroom, so when I finally get through with them, I will definitely try it. (:

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