Hangover Remedies (you naughty things, you)

Cost: £3-4

As suggested by a good male friend, something that everybody wants to know is…how to get rid of a hangover! 🙂

I could give a lecture on not going out and getting drunk in the first place but that would be hypocritical, boring and silly. So here are my top tips for avoiding a nasty hangover:

  • A BIG glass of water before you go to bed
    Never underestimate the powers of hydration! Have one when you wake up too, even if it tastes like ew.
  • Eggs for breakfast
    When you wake up you might not feel like eating but seriously, eggs will do it. Scrambled, fried, boiled, poached, omelette, whatever. They just have some magic in them that makes everything better ^_^
  • A cold drink in the morning
    An ice cold drink of coke, juice, lemonade etc is the perfect way to make you realise you’re not a zombie. Something sugary that you can leave in the fridge overnight. I guarantee that this will make you feel better, waking up your mouth, making you not taste disgusting and giving you a burst of energy you need to cook those eggs.
  • Have some painkillers handy
    Make sure you nip a horrible headache (or whatever other injuries you may have  from the night before) in the bud by having a packet of ibuprofen next to your bed.

I think what we can all gather from this is that if you are prepared the night before, the morning after is much much easier. When you go shopping before the big night out and you buy your booze, buy some cheap painkillers, a carton of OJ and a box of eggs 🙂

Add your cures to share with the world and make it a better, less hanging place…


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