Je n’aime pas les…spots

Many (ahem) people ask me: Alas beauty burgerac, why oh why do my spots never disappear? Why am I blighted with teenage skin at the tender age of (insert number past 19 here) despite a lack of pubescent hormones and an overwhelming maturity?

I say…

Drink more water (I say ‘more’ as opposed to a specific amount, because chances are, you’re not drinking enough ;))

This is perhaps obvious to many of you, but never underestimate the power of water. It does some crazy shit, where it plumps out all your cells and stuff…making your skin nice and firm and glowy-looking. As well as this it flushes out toxins, making you healthier in general. All this toxin flushing has a great effect on your spots, i.e. killing them.

Stop eating and drinking CRAP.

You are what you eat. So if you eat grease your skin will be greasy. Not rocket science but sometimes it needs drilling in to make a difference. Pizza every day makes spots happy. (This also applies to fizzy drinks which are awful culprits at making your skin break out).

Now, once you’ve done some good from the inside out (you will see a difference), try these tips to get rid of the strays:

Use some Tea Tree Oil

Literally the best thing I’ve ever used. It’s already been mentioned in my blog before, that’s how special it is. Blended tea tree oil from Superdrug is excellent when used properly (and its cheap). So if you have a nasty yellow spot, pop it (using a tissue, not your dirty fingers – this makes it worse) and once all the goo has gone, dab some of this oil onto the affected area using a cotton bud or tissue. It will reduce the redness and clean out the inside with antibacterial niceness.

Try steaming your face.

When you have a hot shower or bath, your pores open and you sweat out all the nastiness. So if you want this effect but stronger, try keeping your head over a bowl of boiling water (be careful my pretties) for a few minutes. Or, if you go to the gym, try using the sauna facilities. These are AMAZING but if you get uncomfortable in high heat or claustrophobic then don’t force yourself.

But what about spots on your body?

Use a tea tree based shampoo (or bubble bath)

It cleans your neck and body when you rinse it off, and it is also excellent for your scalp health.

Clean extra after wearing tight clothes.

If you wear tighter clothes, you sweat more, and sweat that accumilates (yum) creates spots. So make sure you give all those nooks and crannies extra attention. (This is also important to prevent fungal infections – more yum)

Exfoliate when bathing.

Using a back brush or flannel, make sure you exfoliate everywhere you can reach when youre in the shower or bath. Because your pores are open, the rub down will get out more of the grease and dead skin so spots will have less excuse to grow.

Right now that’s all the advice I have. This just goes to show that most ways to get rid of your spots are free, and if not, they are very cheap indeed. Don’t waste money on posh expensive products because it’s not worth it! šŸ™‚


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