Scrummy scrubby lips

If you’re suffering from a post-Halloween hangover or general feeling rough, here is a tiny tip to get rid of rubbishy flaky mouthness (or when you wake up after a heavy night of wine and your lips are a bit…yeah).

Sugar is a tasty natural exfoliant. So, if you happen to have a nice smelling lip balm around, stick a bit of sugar in the pot and then rub it on your lips. Hooray! This will also give you a lovely glow and plump them up a bit, making you look positively lovely.

Or if you are sans balm/a man, try this: mix a teeny amount of honey and mashed banana (not baby food please) with a teaspoon or so of sugar (white or brown is fine) in a little pot or bowl or whatever you want, improvise. But you dont need much at all – your lips are most likely fairly small) so don’t go overboard and waste it.

It’s important to look after your lips, especially in these cold winter months where its really easy to get chapped and flaky skin. So make sure you always have a lip balm around and put it on regularly (men too!).


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