Travelling. No witty title today.

As a large part of my recent life has been spent travelling (trains, planes, buses, no boats but that’d be fun), I have discovered its perils and the ways in which it can really suck it out of you. Not only mentally but physically. A stressful journey has the ability to throw your entire digestive system off-track, cause any skincare habits to disolve and disgruntle your normal sleeping pattern. Sometimes, you might even get sick on a coach from Manchester and find your phone is floating in fanta-based vom. Hopefully not*.

So of course, in order to at least use this experience to help others a tiny teeny bit, I have gathered my tips and advice on a humble blog.

The main thing you cannot be without is water. Always have a bottle and never underestimate how much you’ll need – you’ll probably be sitting down on your journey so bringing a large bottle is fine. Do it! You won’t be able to refill! Without the essential bottle of Tap’s finest, you will feel sluggish, dehydrated and probably have a big headache.

(also, make sure you always have painkillers packed in your hand/man bag)

In order to keep your belly happy, a good tip is to prepare a bunch of food before you go away. This blog is about cheap remedies and none of the rubbish you can buy at services, train stations, airports or the like are 1) worth the money and 2) going to make you feel better. Invest in a cheap lunchbox or two and make a big batch of pasta, curry, paella, anything; just to make sure that when mealtimes come around you have something wholesome to eat while you’re laughing at those people spending £5 on a sandwich.

The one beauty tip I can recommend for flights, long train journeys etc is moisturiser. The key to any face’s happiness, moisturiser will refresh you and make you feel like a new person mid way through a crying baby cross country service to Edinburgh.

Finally, amongst your bag of oversized water bottle, paracetamol, tupperware pasta and moisturiser, I would suggest mints. Softmints, polos, chewing gum, tic tacs. Anything. Because after a nap you may have that gross taste in your mouth and alas, there will be no escape unless you have something to make you feel fresh and clean. And sucking on something will keep you occupied (no jokes, please).

So there we are. A regular, stressed traveller’s guide to not feeling like a zombie, whether your journey is short or long these are some essentials.

Bon voyage 🙂



*Don’t ask.


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