Disguise your poorly winter face.

Cost: Approx £1-3

If you’re suffering from the standard cold this season, don’t let everybody know about it. Here’s a little trick to make sure you don’t have people you don’t really care about saying to you ‘ohhhh, you look a bit ill/pale/pasty/green today!’ 🙂

Coldsore Cream

In these teeny tubes comes a wonder-moisturiser! Having always suffered with the blow-your-nose-too-much-ergo-flaky-red-nose problem, this winter I thought: well, coldsore cream is meant to soothe dry flaky skin and lips so why not dab it on the bottom of my nose? And it worked! Really worked. Never has a moisturiser worked on this particularly dry area of the face. Coldsore cream clears up the redness, stops flaky skin and saves you from having a really sore, poorly nose 🙂

More tips coming soon…

Burgerac x


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