The Humble Tomato.

Salut! It has been a little while since my last post but hopefully you’ll like the layout changes I’ve been doing instead. 🙂

Cost: 10-20p

Today…red, luscious, firm and satisfying: the humble tomato, of course (naughty!). This super fruity food is often overlooked for its better looking cousin, the strawberry, but in fact I would argue that the tomato – however you say it – is more spectacular than its glamorous counterpart.

In terms of beauty, there are SO many things you can do with a tomato. Primarily it helps your skin to glow and replenish, but is great at working on your insides too. It’s full of antioxidants, vitamins and something called lycopene which is damn awesome (see below). But what does this little beauty actually do?

  1. Shrinks pores.
    If you mush up a little tomato juice and rub it on your face, leave it for 10-20 mins, and then wash it off (couple of times a week), you will start to see your pores getting smaller and tighter. This in turn stops icky stuff getting in and keeps them cleaner! Hooray.
  2. Stops oily skin.
    Tomato juice (fresh from a tomato, none of that bottled stuff) will stop your face being so shiny, so dab a little on as part of your regime if you have greasy skin.
  3. Cleanses.
    Peel a tomato and use the wet inside of the skin to rub over your face. It takes away grime and does both of the above tasks in one!
  4. Spots.
    The vitamin C will also help with signs of acne, so if you have spots then the cleansing is definitely something worth trying out.
  5. Anti-ageing.
    All that lycopene has been found to help with the anti-ageing process, too, by boosting collagen production! So eat tomatoes regularly to improve your wrinkles and stay looking youthful.
  6. General health
    Eating tomatoes regularly is the best way to improve your skin though as it will radiate through your system and ultimately onto your skin. Aswell as the outer benefits, they are fantastic for preventing illness (some scientists even say cancer and diabetes).

I must say that f there was ever a man whose orange locks reminded me of this wonderful fruit, it would be my all singing, sometimes dancing blogger friend, Dance For Your Daddy. If you enjoy wistful tales of poetry and beer then this is definitely the one for you (although I should say beer is bad for your skin, kids)!

Now get on the salad.



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