2013: The Year of Good Posture

Bonne année to all (a few days late but it still counts)! This year I’m sure many of you will have resolutions, targets, ideas and general vivacity. For a little while at least. I’m going to add to your list of things to think about with a widely known but easily forgotten health secret: good posture.

Although it varies on what this actually is, it is pretty much conceded that slouching, hunching and leaning over your desk are very bad for your back and shoulders – in fact, it even makes us appear more weighty than we actually are.

So, try sitting up straight and remember that it burns more calories, improves spinal health, speeds up metabolism, increases muscles and improves breathing! All fabulous lovely things.

Maybe aim to sit up or stand up straight in every day tasks, for say, an hour a day. Then over time, it will become easier. I too am culprit of this laziness and will be trying to improve my posture over the new year.

Hooray! x


2 responses to “2013: The Year of Good Posture

  1. Hey Anna. Found your blog searching for other health blogs as I have one on tumblr, weird how we both ended up making one. Anyway, I’m feeling nostalgic because my own health has deteriorated to poo, so if you ever feel like getting in touch drop me an e-mail at jennieeeee@hotmail.co.uk. Have heard that you’re in France off old friends, would be nice to hear about it. Jennie A x

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