Budget make up: REVIEW

Often, the ingredients in expensive make up brands are the same as those in cheap, just with a little added goodness. A few make up solutions I would say are worth paying a little extra for, such as foundation, but you can definitely afford to skimp on smaller items. So, if you’re not too fussy like me and you don’t want to spend loads on cosmetics, then take a look at these budget products that work really well 🙂


Miss Sporty So Clear Coverstick, £1.99

This concealer is the best I’ve tried out of many. It’s antibacterial so helps fight the spots you’re covering up, and the 2 shades match well to many skin tones (can be worn on its own or under foundation). It’s SO cheap and keeps spots covered for hours. Make sure you’ve moisturised first because it’s quite thick and can be drying otherwise. Definitely a great concealer.

Eyeliner Pencil

My favourite black eyeliner is BarryM kohl in black (£2.99) but if you want even cheaper, go for this:

Collection 2000 Kohl Eyeliner, £1.99

A good little eyeliner, great definition and lasts for a decent amount of time. I would still prefer Barry M as it’s just a bit darker, softer and more permanent, but for £1.99 this is a good little bargain 🙂


Mascara is not cheap. I’m gonna say a budget brand to the majority of women is under £5. So here’s one that stood out for me as a great cheaper alternative to the big names (although, if you head to Boots at the moment, there’s a sale on many cosmetic brands and I bought a Revlon mascara for only £5, hoorayyy).

Rimmel Extra Super Lash Curved Brush Mascara, £4.99

Rimmel really are the Mascara people, and the have a vast collection of all their mascaras in most cosmetic stores, at least they do in the UK. This one is cheaper than most and offers a thick, non clumpy lash. It takes a little while to dry though! I would definitely recommend this mascara.

I will do some more budget make up reviews soon, please let me know if you want anything in particular – blusher, powder etc.

A bientôt! x


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