Does calm make you beautiful?

Before we go into a debate about what constitutes beautiful, let’s just say that stress is known to cause many unfortunate beauty problems. Spots, dark circles, wrinkles, bloating, weight gain and dehydration are just some of the side effects of a busy life. Not even a busy life, just a very busy mind.

Perhaps sometimes we need to step back and relax. However, easier said than done, of course. I am in no position to even relate to mothers or busy professionals, and even I get stressed. We all do! Whether it’s personal problems, family troubles or work issues, so many things in our life cause unecessary worry.

This post will aim to help you be calm, and restore peace and tranquility into your mind (remember, this is a mildly hippie-ish blog). Smiles all round 🙂

The Quiet Place
This gem of a website provides you with either a 90 second relaxation or a longer calming exercise to help you take a break from your busy day. No excuses!

Beginner’s Yoga
I personally love for pretty much everything (especially French) and this page is no exception. Bring some calm into your weeks by adding 10 minutes of yoga a day, or more if you have the time! It will also make you more flexible and toned which is always a plus.

Eat stress-reducing foods
What you eat makes a difference to your state of mind – sugar and caffeine make you buzzed for a while, but then crash from energy. This can never help stress, can it? Try altering some of your daily meals and you could see a big difference.

My last piece of advice is to put things in perspective. Take 5 minutes to make a list; in your head or on a piece of paper, your phone, computer, anything. Just put your priorities straight – is it a big deal? Does it really matter? Can you handle everything or do you need to share out the tasks with someone else? Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Realising what is actually important and what you’re aiming at can make you realise that doing the shopping on a busy Saturday is indeed a pain, but it’s not the end of the world. And if you deal with these issues, your appearance will certainly benefit too.

Peace out mannnnnn x


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