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Ciaoooo a tutti! Sorry the blog has been quiet lately – I’ve moved to Italy for a few months so it’s been a bit crazy so far. So today we have something a little different! Fellow blogger, close friend and beloved ginger, Dance For Your Daddy, has written an insightful and somewhat surprising post on the benefits of not washing your hair! Does it sound gross? A little bit. Is it worth reading? Well of course. Read on and you might discover some new methods of haircare…


How to stop using shampoo

A while ago a friend showed me an article online written by a woman who had not washed her hair with shampoo for over a year. At first I was pretty disgusted, I mean, what kind of a person doesn’t use soap on their hair? I read it through and took some of what she said on board, despite being massively put off by her claim that when she wet her hair it smelled like wet dog. In short, she did not sell her lifestyle choice. 

It came to pass that I moved from Mid-Wales to London, and my skin reacted to the horrible chalky water that we have down here. My hair turned into a flaky mess and my face broke out into a rash of unsightly pimples and dry skin. I battled them with various lotions and tea tree face-wash, but nothing really worked for very long, until I remembered this article. 

I haven’t washed my hair with shampoo for about six weeks and it is the best it has been since moving to the South East. I have more volume, almost no dandruff, and it now feels like hair, rather than hay. It doesn’t smell like wet dog when it gets wet, nor does it smell at all, in fact. 

So now you’ve heard all the benefits, you can learn how to do it. 

1 – Stop washing your hair
This is the hard bit. For at least a week your hair is going to be rather greasy, but stick with it. Wear a hat if you have to. My hair was greasy and full of crumbs for about three weeks until, as if by magic, a shopkeeper appeared. 

2 – Don’t even think about washing your hair
It’s worth it. Trust me. When I went through this phase, I didn’t even show my hair to the shower. I had come to the conclusion that it was the horrible water that my scalp is so sensitive to, so I avoided it at all costs. During this period you’re letting your hair and scalp recover.

3 – Comb daily
Your scalp produces some mildly greasy stuff called ‘sebum’ that is designed to keep the hair supple. When you wash your hair you wash away all of the sebum, leaving your scalp an inhospitable wasteland for your lovely locks. When you comb your hair, you distribute the sebum over the hair, which is as good as washing it.

4 – Appreciate the results
Give it at least two weeks of absolutely no hair washing at all, which will give your scalp enough time to recover. If you want to wash your hair in that time and you know you won’t react to the water, go ahead, but don’t use shampoo! You will find that your hair doesn’t get nearly so dirty when it is properly groomed, so you won’t have to wash it as often as you did. I do it about once a week now.

5 – Tell your friends
A couple of my good friends tried this out separately and we have compared our findings. One friend didn’t use shampoo for six weeks, but found that his hair was a bit too greasy to live with, and now he washes his hair with far less shampoo, less often. My other friend is into his second week and has already found that his hair is more manageable, and has more volume. 

Note about skincare – I have been following a rather sparse routine of skincare, which has led to an improved countenance. Here it is: wash sparingly. Once a day, at most. Use things that don’t contain soap, and don’t leave them on your face very long. I have extremely sensitive skin, so if you’re a bit more hardy, you can probably afford to wash a little more often, but honestly, as long as you steam your face once a week, you should be okay. 


Fun, huh? Let me know if you try this out too. Coming soon will be more tips and advice on how to keep yourself feeling and looking well for cheapsies in the Spring and Summer 🙂

Beauty Burgerac xx


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