Olive Oil Hair Mask

Being in Italy, I felt that the benefits of olive oil – besides being tasty – should be explored in other ways. You might have heard about the moisturising and repairing qualities of using olive oil on the skin and hair, and today I decided to finally try this out.

I recently had my hair highlighted and coloured so it’s been pretty dry at the moment (the Italian sunshine is glorious but it doesn’t help) so a deep conditioning natural treatment sounded perfect.

I read up on how to apply and treat the hair with olive oil, and the consensus was similar on different pages; apply with hands, leave for 30+ mins, rinse off thoroughly and dry as normal. So I poured olive oil into about 1/4 glass (I have fairly long hair) and covered up with a towel. In my experience olive oil doesn’t come out of clothes so BE CAREFUL!

I applied the oil with my fingers all over the scalp and especially at the ends of the hair. I then left it for 45 minutes, then showered and shampooed twice. Afterwards I applied normal conditioner (happened to have one with olive oil and lemon in by Garnier) and then blasted the hair with cold water to lock in the moisture while rinsing. Then I rinsed with normal hot water, towel dried until damp and blow-dried the rest.

At first I was worried I hadn’t rinsed it all out because my hair felt a little odd before I dried it, but after drying it was sooo soft! It doesn’t add a lot of shine to the hair but it was so easy to brush, run my fingers through and style. It feels like my hair is happier and more nourished 🙂

So I would definitely give this a try if your hair has been coloured or damaged! Great results, cheaply and naturally.


  • Some methods recommended other oils and ingredients like lemon, honey, eggs (careful with this one), different oils and fragrances. Add in whatever you like.
  • Careful when showering – the floor can get really slippy with the oil!


Ciaociao xx



2 responses to “Olive Oil Hair Mask

  1. I’ll vouch for the effectiveness of olive oil as a hand moisturizer. Seriously, nothing works better for healing my cracked hands. I rub in a light amount before going to bed and sometimes wear knit bath and shower gloves to keep the pillows and sheets clean. One thing, I’ve noticed, however, is that my hands have a slightly off-putting scent in the morning so I’ll try your suggestion of rinsing and drying my hands after 30 minutes.

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