About beautyburgerac

Hallo. Welcome to BeautyBurgerac, the blog that tests out cheap, natural, and sometimes ridiculous sounding health and beauty ideas that are friendly to you and your student budget. And incase you’re wondering, the name’s Burge(rac). Beauty Burgerac.

The tips that should follow come from a love of bargains, green tea and glowy skin, and many will be suitable for girlies AND boys.*

So follow regularly to find out how you can improve your skin, hair, nails, health etc etc with natural and pocket pleasing methods. And remember, even if a post isn’t directly linked to beauty, it will aim to improve your general mood, which is ofc the key to looking wonderful 🙂

*N.B. We can make your boyfriend’s skin mega-soft, but we cant make him pluck that awful monobrow.


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